Healthy Meal Options

Vending machines offer little or no healthy options. With Rofoods, you’ll never miss out on a healthy meal.


Quick & easy checkout via Rofoods Mobile Application

What separates Rofoods Micromarkets is the ability to pay via mobile.
To buy a product all you have to do is scan the barcode! Users may also use our kiosk using multiple payment methods.


Fast , Simple & Innovative

Rofoods , Micro Markets offers a simple solution to your office breakroom needs.

Why should you consider Rofoods Micro Markets?

Self Checkout via Mobile App

Micro markets offer your employees a cashier-less payment system using our kiosks or mobile app, minimizing costs & offering a greater variety than vending machines.

Tailored to your company’s needs.

We develop solutions working with you to ensure your employees can get the most out of their breakroom experience.

Healthy & Fresh Products

Exclusive healthy snack options such as fresh fruit & granola.


‘Rofoods Micromarkets’ offers a simple
solution to your office breakroom needs.

Ready to Eat Meals,
Salads, Sandwiches
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Stay healthy with RoKitchen

In addition to the variety of snacks and beverages Rofoods offers, our Rokitchen branded products add healthy, nutritious and low calorie alternatives to the regular breakroom products that you are accustomed to seeing.

No more waiting in coffee lines!
Enjoy your breaks in full without having to spend
minutes in line just to get a cup of coffee.

You don’t have to wait for your name to be called to start
the day with a nice cup of coffee in the morning or to have a little coffee break in the afternoon.

Our coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted from leading brands while our touch screen offers you a variety of coffee that wont make you miss your local coffee shop!

Easy payment

RoFoods Mikro Marketi’i diğer konseptlerden ayıran en büyük özelliklerinden biri de kiosklar ve RoFoods Mobil Uygulama aracılığı ile kendi ödemenizi kolay bir şekilde yapıp size zaman tasarrufu sağlayabilmenizdir.

Sistem, sahip olduğu “kendin al-öde” sistemi sayesinde çalışanlarınız için işlem kolaylığı sağlar. Çalışanlarınız nakit ya da bozuk para taşımak zorunda kalmadan, kendileri için en uygun ödeme yöntemiyle alışverişlerini yapabilirler.

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